How to Keep Bats Out of a Barn

The only true way that can be used to rid yourself of bats permanently is to make sure you exclude them using bat proofing. There aren’t any chemicals that are registered to kill bats. Using a pesticide that isn’t registered may actually increase the chances of pets and children coming into contact with the Dallas bats.

When you find that there are Dalls bats are living within your barn, it becomes a matter of urgency to get them out as soon as possible. This should be done so as to make sure that no encounters happen between the bats and humans or animals. Bats have a potential risk of spreading parasites, Histoplasmosis and parasites too.

Choose an Appropriate Time
Texas bats usuallyrise the young starting from May to September. They hunt in the night and then come back with food for their babies. If you think of eliminating Dallas bats in the summer or late spring, then there is a great risk that you may trap the young ones in.

Find Access Points
You need to keep watch on the barn especially at dusk so as to determine where the Dallas bats are leaving or entering the barn. It is important to know that bats can be able to enter using very small holes-as small as half an inch across!

Get Them Out
When you have identified the access points, you need to get one way doors at every point so as to allow bats to leave but not come back in. you should also use screening materials on the walls that are smooth to the outer walls. Make sure that bottom is left loose so as to allow bats to crawl out. For the round holes, you can use a PVC pipe so that the pipe remains almost flush with the walls that are interior. This has to extend some inches outside.

Keep Them Out
You need to put one way doors well in place for some time. This ensures that every single Dallas bat that was initially in your barn has had the chance to exit. You may also want to make sure that all bats are out of the barn. After this, make sure that all the access points are permanently sealed.

Alternative Roosting
You can also choose to give the Texas bats an alternative roosting area. It may not be possible to proof all entry points in your barn. Offering the bats other attractive locations for roosting but away from the barn can be a trick that you can apply so as to makesure they don’t come back. You can mount some Texas bat boxes at the side of your barn or at the high post just near the barn.

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