How to Trap a Chipmunk

There are a variety of Dallas chipmunk traps to choose from. They range from live traps to traps that will permanently eliminate the chipmunk. Humane traps are generally the most preferred ones. They require bait such as peanut butter, berries, seeds and even worms. There is a great deal of foods that chipmunks like to eat. Bait is required for all traps. If you use a one-door trap you are limited in your way of capturing. The most efficient trap is the two-door trap. What makes the two-door trap more efficient is based on the fact that the Texas chipmunk can enter the trap from either end. As opposed to the one-door trap leaves the chipmunk one option to enter. Professional live trap trappers tend to use one that is wired mesh with a bait trap and gravity operated doors. Chipmunks have the propensity to urinate and/or defecate when captured. It is for that reason that you wear rubber gloves and the trap is cleaned with disinfectant to kill the germs. All live traps will allow the chipmunk to be relocated according to the Texas laws on rodent relocations.

There are also traps that are effective for the Dallas chipmunk that has gotten into your home. It is rare for a chipmunk to enter the home but it does happen. There are a few ways to rid your home of chipmunks. The humane way is to use the typical bait of peanut butter, berries or anything else a chipmunk will eat. Using anyone of the humane traps and you can get your Texas chipmunk. There are lethal methods to rid your home as well. One such way is to electrocute them.

Lethal traps are a different level of traps. One such lethal trap is homemade and is known as the bucket trap. Using a bucket you place at the bottom black oil sunflower seed. The Dallas chipmunk will have to walk up a board that leads to the bucket, in order for the chipmunk to reach the bait they will drop into the bucket. Chipmunks unlike their relatives do not climb and therefore have no way to exit the bucket. The Texas chipmunk simply gets left in the bucket. Whether you choose the live trap or the lethal traps they all require bait. They’re a number of baits that you can use to entice the chipmunk. Removal and maintenance are important steps to take as well.

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